Denivel Line

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Denivel Line, was born in Luanda (Angola), where throughout his childhood he was surrounded by people who were part of the world of music who inspired him to enter the same.

His brothers, Quintinho Gomes (artistically known as DJ Elsat) and Mario Gomes, every morning played many good songs from the Kizomba to the Underground. After a few years of being surrounded by his brothers music, where he learn’t a lot, he also decided to venture into the DJ world in 2009. He enhanced his skills and experience with the theoretical and practical teachings of Dj Fanio Irex. The Radiof√≥nico program (Mix FM Angola), led by the brothers Alves, Paulo and Ricardo, also inspired him, they played various electronic music in different genre’s, including House.

At the time he already moved to some music production programs but it was nothing serious, in 2010 he became more serious about his music production, and also became known as a producer, along with some other young producers, for example Guettoz Muzik (GM). DJ Denivel Line aims to achieve recognition of their work, both as a DJ / Music Producer on a Global scale.

  • Prominent styles as DJ: House music, Souful, Afro House & Deep House
  • Prominent styles as producer: Afro House, Tribal House, Deep House
  • Movements: Line Sound Record, Kemet Soul Record, Guettoz Muzik, Underground House Movement (UHM)