Robert Vaughan


DJ & Producer Robert Vaughan aka JazzCool has been active in the House Music scene since the early 90s. He can read an audience and the result is a phenomenal performance that captivates the crowd and takes them on a musical journey.

Robert Vaughan has brought musical pleasure to many over the years, including the exclusive celebrity haunt ‘Tramp’ nightclub in London, as one of the resident DJs for two consecutive years. He has also played at other venues prominent in the UK House Scene such as Fabric LDN, and international events including Akhnaton & Undercurrent nightclub Amsterdam, and most recently, a guest DJ set at Skybar25, Accra, Ghana. Robert Vaughan has hosted regular shows on several UK radio stations over the years and has gained a large following of dedicated listeners. 
Robert Vaughan’s desire to mix started at 15 years old when the Hip Hop scene was at its greatest. He attended ‘The Annual Technics DJ Mixing Championship’, which inspired him to take his mixing and performance skills to another level. He began studying techniques performed by the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Cash Money & Eric B. This led to him mastering the art of scratching and playing 2 copies of the same record simultaneously to create different effects. As his DJ skills increased, he started playing House and Techno music & that is when the journey of becoming a recognized DJ began. His love of House music resulted in him gradually building an extensive collection of vinyl, containing most genres of House music produced over the years. 
Robert Vaughan’s talent doesn’t just end at delivering musical pleasure to an audience on the dance floor; his music production allows him to express his musical creativity to the maximum and take his skills to the next level. His love of producing Afro House Music has led to him releasing tracks, notably the remix of ‘Emotive’ by Dave Anthony feat. DJ Spen on vocals (JazzCool remix), released on ‘Quantize Records’. He has also released tracks on Kemet Soul Records ‘From the Land of Kush’ (In Deep Mix), on the album ‘Written in Stone’, & ‘The Old Kingdom’, ‘Ziryab’, & ‘Kuku Drums’ on the ‘Fables of Kemet’ series of albums.


Dave Anthony feat. DJ Spen – Emotive (JazzCool remix) Quantize Records

JazzCool – From The Land of Kush (In Deep Mix) album ‘Written in Stone – Kemet Soul Records

Robert Vaughan – The Old Kingdom Fables of Kemet V1 – Kemet Soul Records

Robert Vaughan – Ziryab Fables of Kemet V1 – Kemet Soul Records

Robert Vaughan – Kuku Drums Fables of Kemet V2 – Kemet Soul Records

Robert Vaughan – Ta Seti Fables of Kemet V4 – Kemet Soul Records

Kemet Exclusive DJ Mix